Friday, February 10, 2012

Pausing at its hardest.

We have so many urges. All around us, every day, we are surrounded by desires. Our culture is built on satisfying desires. We want junk food, so we eat it. We want Facebook, so we check it. We want to be entertained, so we invent Jerry Springer. We are surrounded by urges. What if we decided to pause after every urge? What if we stopped and thought about the consequences to giving in to the temptation that has presented itself? What if we filtered every desire, good or bad, through a breath, a pause, a fleeting moment of meditation? Perhaps, we would see and understand that the source of our dissatisfaction is never where we think it lies. The source of our dissatisfaction does not lie in our lack of junk food, or detachment from Facebook, or our boredom. Our dissatisfaction usually stems from the fact that we are always looking to gratify ourselves in every possible alternative to the true satisfaction for our souls; our God. Sometimes changing the world doesn't start with an action, but a pause. So the next time you want that burger, that T.V show, or that angry response to your hurt, pause, breathe, and listen to the voice of Him inside your soul, and you will be satisfied.

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