Thursday, March 1, 2012


Today, while Emily and I were at a friends apartment, our friends roommate directed several doctrinal questions at me. It felt good to be able to give answers. Sometimes, as a minister, and someone with a heart to teach, I ache to be asked questions. Many times, people don't get deep enough into their Bibles to ask questions. Other times, people just don't care. I don't mean any of this to sound arrogant, or selfish; but as someone who studies the Bible in hopes of teaching others, it sometimes just feels good to find someone who cares enough to be taught. I believe God has great things in store. I believe God has a wonderful future ahead. Right now is the hardest part of ministry, having a heart to teach, but feeling inadequate and unable to do so. These glimmers are the sparks of something greater. One day, if God allows, I will be able to teach and preach the Word of God. For now, it is the waiting on his directive that is the hardest. Through it all, his constant care and assistance are what gets me through the day. Oh well, enough rambling for tonight. Grace and Peace!

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